Ries & Ries



Ries & Ries focuses on “keynote” speeches for corporate meetings and conventions. Each presentation is custom tailored for the specific audience as well as for the needs and desires of the sponsor. Using about 250 slides for a 60-minute speech, our presentations are also visually exciting and entertaining.

Often times, companies bring us in to speak when launching a new product or a new branding program consistent with one of our “laws of branding.” Using a large number of case histories, our keynote presentations provide conceptual support for the launch of the client’s new program both internally for employees and externally for the media and investors.

In addition to keynote presentations, we also do all-day seminars in countries around the world. From Chile to China and from India to Indonesia, at last count we have given speeches in 62 different countries.

Our all-day seminars usually involve four sessions of 90 minutes each.
1. Endless opportunities for building new brands.
2. Strengthening existing brands.
3. New techniques in launching and maintaining brands.
4. Traps to avoid in the brand-building process.

Typically our all-day presentations involve about 1,250 slides and numerous case histories to reflect the country’s major interests.

Every speech is customized for your audience using concepts & principles from our 12 books.