“Focus, focus, focus. If you want to quickly get to the crux of your challenges and expedite a solution, Ries & Ries will get you there, all in a concise one-day session. Both Al and Laura are TEArific!”

Ron Rubin, Chairman, The Republic of Tea

“Al and Laura Ries are practical marketing and branding strategists who listens very closely to you and provide a very thoughtful solution recommendation. They have world-class thought leadership in brand positioning, competitive marketing strategy, and PR. Haven’t met more sincere, humble yet super smart brand consultants than Ries & Ries yet.”

Paul Kim, VP Strategy at Samsung

“When I first worked with Al & Laura Ries, I was blown away by how well they understood the fast moving hi-tech space, came up with a very crisp call to action, and used great analogies to help our technical team understand the rationale for their recommendation. I will definitely leverage their expertise again.”

Raj Biyani, Managing Director Microsoft IT

“I didn’t expect to accomplish so much in a short time. It was a fantastic session.”

Romi Hahn, CEO Hahn Korea

“My company’s success and my personal success is directly linked to Ries & Ries. We would simply not be where we are today were it not for the advice we received.”

Frank Fellers, CEO Fellers

“Al and Laura Ries has been the driving force for our marketing strategy and positioning. We have followed Ries & Ries’ advice from our inception and they have proven to be the best marketing strategists that we have ever met. I also make sure that our team and our partners read their books to gain further appreciation for their strategic recommendations.”

Mark Duffey, President & CEO at Everest

“Ries & Ries helped us figure out how to launch our products with a simplicity and power that made success possible. They are simply the best.”

Pat Sullivan, Serial entrepreneur (ACT!, SalesLogix, Jigsaw Health)

“The entire team truly appreciated the amount of clarity that Ries & Ries brought to our situation. In addition, you gave us all the courage to effectuate a plan which is obviously a major departure for several of our team members. Thanks for a wonderful day.”

Larry Pinto, CEO Dynetech Corporation

“I’ve been a big fan of Ries and Ries for years, have read most of their books, and embrace their philosophy on branding. Recently our company invested in a day-long consulting session with Laura and Al as part of a rebranding of our patented technology. For any company that’s considering launching a new brand, or considering rebranding an existing one, I strongly recommend Laura’s advice.”

Sean Kuntsen, President & CEO Boveda Inc.