A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • iPhone was first, but so was Motorola.

    Motorola invented the category of cellphones. Nokia brought cellphones to the masses. BlackBerry invented the keyboard phone for email. Samsung brought better designs. iPhone...

  • Yahoo! From fun to serious and dark.

    Yahoo took a memorable, unique logo and after 30 days and 30 designs ended up with a rather average, boring, uninspired one. Marissa Mayer...

  • Names matter.

  • What to do if you’re not first.

  • New name but no visual hammer – YouSendIt makes a change.

    The brand with a generic name YouSendIt but a nice visual hammer (paper airplane) is now Hightail. A better brand name, but it sadly...

  • It’s a celebrity world and marketers have to deal with it.

  • Think bottom up, not top down.

  • The most difficult job in marketing.

  • The seven challenges of Coca-Cola.

  • How to Win at the Oscars

    If the Super Bowl is about beer, chips and boobs, then this weekend’s Oscars ceremony is all about diet soda, yogurt and hunks.

  • 2013 Superbowl Ad Preview

    When it comes to Super Bowl ads you can always count on seeing several things: Celebrities, special effects, babies, animals, sexy girls and dudes...

  • Focus on pre-emption. Not differentiation.

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