A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • What put Donald Trump in First Place?

    Donald Trump kicked off his Presidential campaign by attacking Mexican immigrants. And the whole country was in an uproar. NBC fired him. Macy’s fired...

  • They might want quarter-inch holes, but they buy better quarter-inch drills.

    Marketing is frustrating because virtually all common-sense ideas are wrong. Take Theodore Levitt’s famous maxim, People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They...

  • Why don’t you take your own advice?

    In the spring of 1972, Jack Trout and I wrote a series of articles for Advertising Age entitled “The Positioning Era Cometh.” And it...

  • How long should a slogan last?

    Back in 1999, Advertising Age selected the top 100 advertising campaigns of the 20th century. Out of the top 100, how many do you...

  • What we can learn from the RadioShack disaster.

    “Inside Radio Shack’s Collapse” is the headline of a six-page cover story in Bloomberg Businessweek last month. Why RadioShack bite the dust? Let’s take...

  • How would you position Cadillac, the auto-industry’s faded glory?

    “What else can we get into?” That’s the first question new management asks itself when it takes over a company. Johan de Hysschen, Cadillac’s...

  • Coca-Cola introduces Fairlife milk, but have they gotten the category right?

    I was impressed when Coca-Cola announced the introduction of Fairlife, the first brand of “expensive” milk. Or as Sandy Douglas, president of Coca-Cola North...

  • What’s the biggest change in marketing in the past 50 years?

  • What do chief executives have in common with accordion players?

  • In marketing, 1 plus 1 often equals 3/4th.

  • The product versus the brand.

  • Big marketing mistakes are more likely than small ones.

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