A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • It’s a net Zero for Coke

    It’s like the marketing managers over at Coke have their bonuses tied to how many line extensions they can dream up. Just when you...

  • Ries brand extension

    Sorry I have not posted anything on my blog in a few weeks. But I have been very busy bringing a new Ries into...

  • Why Mess with Success?

    Starbucks redefined America’s coffee shop. It was the first brand to focus on being a European-style coffee house. The first coffee shop to just...

  • Toys “R” Us, a fallen star

    Once the shining star of the toy world, Toys “R” Us has suddenly fallen from the sky. The original category killer, Toys “R” Us...

  • The power of the name.

  • Bravo to Yellow Tail

    “Makers of Best-Selling Wine Begin First Adverting Campaign,” was the headline of York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliott’s In Advertising weekly email Tuesday. Brilliant....

  • Whatever happened to TiVo?

    When TiVo was introduced at the January 1999 Consumer Electronic Show, it made a huge splash. Reporters and consumers alike were intensely interested in...

  • The importance of “timing.”

    One of the most difficult marketing tasks is promoting the opening of a major motion picture. You have only one shot at success. If...

  • Why don’t big companies launch new brands?

  • Globalization of brands.

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