A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • Under Armour: Too Big for its Shirt?

    It’s amazing how many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs quickly forget what made them famous. The latest example is Kevin Plank, CEO of...

  • Metric Madness.

  • Category builders and category killers.

  • What’s wrong with General Motors.

  • The amazing Amazon.com.

  • The power of the name.

  • Brand Journalism vs. Positioning

    “The end of positioning as we know it,” declared McDonald’s CMO, Larry Light at last month’s AdWatch conference in New York City. McDonald’s, he...

  • The Positioning Era Cometh

    In 1972, the first in a series of articles was published in Advertising Age on the concept of Positioning developed by Al Ries and...

  • Positioning is alive and well.

    Some have said Positioning is dead. No way, I say. Positioning is alive and well. Successful brands are still the ones using the most...

  • Politics and advertising.

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