A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • Talking Tiger on Fox Business

    Branding expert, Laura Ries, talks about Tiger Wood’s returning to the Masters Tournament and the benefit to his sponsors on the Fox Business show...

  • Verizon and its Atomic Bomb

    In the current Cellphone War, Verizon has dropped the atomic bomb of marketing on rival AT&T. Marketing wars are fought with lots of words,...

  • It’s what Tiger does next that counts

    Tiger Woods was a rare breed. A phenomenal athlete who delivered consistent record-shattering victories on and off the course with style, grace and integrity....

  • Under Armour: Too Big for its Shirt?

    It’s amazing how many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs quickly forget what made them famous. The latest example is Kevin Plank, CEO of...

  • Why stop at HealthCare?

    If President Obama truly wants to be a revolutionary leader he should not overlook other major issues plaguing our people. After he installs nationalized...

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