Positioning in the global mind

Building a global brand is more challenging than ever, we are the pioneers of positioning and will guide you in understanding the global mind and how to best position your brand for success. The first step in positioning has nothing to do with your product or service. The first step is understanding the perceptions in the mind of the consumer. Opportunity lies in finding the open hole in the mind and being the first to fill it with your brand. The RIES session approach is like no other. Learn more.

What we do

Every company is in a different stage, at RIES we work together to outline the issues and navigate the solutions.

  • Positioning

    What does your brand stand for in the mind? What is your category? Consumers think category first. The best way into the mind is with a narrow focus that establishes a new category you will be first in.

  • Courage

    The right strategy is worth nothing unless you also have the courage to make it happen. Our strategy sessions are part therapy that gives you the confidence to be bold.

  • When to say no

    Positioning isn't just about what you do, it is about when to say no. Other consultants say growth only comes from doing more, not so. We give honest advice about when to say no. Second brands and global expansion is the key to success.

"Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products."


Positioning will Guide You.

Are you ready to make the bold positioning move to grow your business? RIES will guide your team during our interactive sessions to find your focus and nail your brand's position in the mind of the consumer.

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Al Ries, father of positioning

RIES is founded on the principles of Al Ries formed over decades of experience. Today, Laura Ries carries on her father's legacy bringing positioning into the 21st century.

Al's Life & Legacy

A new day. The world has changed a lot since the 1970s. But positioning is still here. It is still the key fundamental philosophy to build brands and understand the consumer’s mind. What used to be a national concept today is more global than ever—building one brand, one position, one message, and one visual that resonates around the world.

About RIES

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