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RIES works with clients around the world using our unique session approach. Our sessions are designed to be positioning therapy for you and your brand. Together we work to improve your strategy, focus and direction.

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What would RIES do?

Al Ries was the father of positioning. Laura Ries spent nearly three decades working side-by-side with the master. RIES isn’t just one person. RIES is a philosophy that is built on the principles of positioning. In our 12 books, we cover many principles to follow. Knowing when and which to apply isn’t easy. Work with us, and we will tell you exactly what RIES would do in any given situation.

The RIES Difference

You work directly with the best-positioning thinkers in the world. And we never hold back. We give you the honest and straightforward advice you need to hear to build a successful brand.

Active Learning

The goal isn’t just to give advice, but to have you understand the WHY behind the strategy. During your positioning sessions, we explain the process and principles in depth.

Applying the Positioning Principles

Let us guide you. With fresh eyes and positioning expertise, we work on sharpening your brand to most efficiently drive it into the mind of the consumer. We ask the hard questions and find the right answers on the name, category, visual hammer, battlecry, and more.


RIES gives you the courage to get it done.

The Results

Our work varies from client to client but at the end of your session, you can expect to be focused, equipped, and inspired with a positioning action plan and the courage to do follow it.

“If you want to quickly get to the crux of your marketing challenges and expedite a solution, a RIES positioning session will get you there.”

Ron Rubin
Chairman, The Republic of Tea

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