The Pioneers of Positioning

World Leaders in Positioning for Over 50 Years

Founded in 1963

In New York City, RIES was founded as Ries Cappiello Colwell in 1963. Today, RIES is a global think tank and consulting group that works with clients around the world on positioning strategies.

Positioning is a strategy that is as relevant today as it was in the 1970s. RIES, as the pioneer and leader in strategic positioning, works with companies to brands develop positioning and visual hammer strategies that get into prospects’ minds.

Al Ries: 1926-2022

Al Ries first rose to fame in 1972 when his series of three articles on a concept called “positioning” ran in Advertising Age magazine. The positioning idea took the ad world by storm in the 1970s and 1980s and was voted by AdAge as one of the 75 most important advertising ideas of the past 75 years.

Al is remembered as the “Father of Positioning” and the bestselling author (or co-author) of 12 books, which have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. In 2016, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in New York City.

Al was a pioneer, the founder of RIES, and continues to be the inspiration for everyone who practices positioning. He worked until the day before his passing – on slides and client projects! He loved nothing more that his family and his work.

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Laura Ries

Laura Ries is a world-famous positioning expert, bestselling author, and television personality.

In 1994, Laura joined the RIES consulting firm founded by her father and partner, Al Ries.

Laura is the author of Visual Hammer and Battlecry, plus the 5 books on marketing she co-authored with her father including The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, Origin of Brands, and The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR.

She is a frequent marketing analyst on major news programs from the Today Show to Squawk Box.

Laura Ries,
Chairwoman, RIES Global

Simon Zhang

Simon Zhang is a strategic positioning expert and CEO of RIES (Global) and RIES (China).

Since the establishment of RIES (China) in 2007, it has become the leader in the positioning strategy consulting field in China and provided brand and strategy consulting services to several major Chinese companies, including Great Wall Motor, Robam Appliances, Moutai, Wanglaoji, Deppon Express. Simon has accumulated rich experience in the fields of vehicles, appliances, industrial products, and food and beverage.

Simon Zhang

Michael Brandtner

A strategic positioning expert since 1996, Michael Brandtner is a RIES consulting lead partner since 2001.

He has been advising national and international clients on the strategic positioning of brands and companies since 1996. His client experience stretches over more than 50 industry sectors, ranging from innovative entrepreneurs to medium-sized companies, associations, educational institutions, and international corporations.

Michael Brandtner
Lead Consulting Partner, RIES Global

Jens Hansen

Jens Hansen is a strategic positioning expert since 1994 and a RIES consulting lead partner since 2020.

He founded Trout and Partners with Jack Trout in 1994 and has since then been giving advice to global clients on how to position their brands and companies. His work experience covers client projects in 50+ industries on all continents.

Jens Hansen
Lead Consulting Partner, RIES Global

Raul del Rio

Raul del Rio is a positioning expert and part of the RIES partner team since 1990.

Raul has worked with Al since the 1980s. RIES and del Rio have worked on many important Spanish projects such as the positioning of Benidorm.

Raul del Rio
Lead Consulting Partner, RIES Global

Behrooz Lotfian

Behrooz Lotfian is a strategic positioning expert and RIES consulting partner since 2012.

He has been advising global clients on the strategic positioning of brands and companies. His work experience covers client projects in the Middle East, Europe, and South East Asia.

Consulting Partner, RIES Global

Meltem Heper

Meltem Heper is a RIES consulting partner since 2019 and a positioning expert since 1998.

She has helped companies and leaders formulate their overall positioning strategies and has developed service models to clarify, strengthen and sustain a strategic positioning. With more than 25 years of in-house experience, she has served as a top-level executive in organizations from Fortune 500 companies (Unilever 15 years) to SMEs and Start-Ups and led leading global and local brands.

Consulting Partner, RIES Global

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