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RIES works with clients around the world using our unique session approach. Schedule individual positioning sessions to review your marketing, develop strategies, and/or provide a second opinion on your current plans.


Clients hire us based on our best-selling books and decades of experience in working with companies. Leaders like how we approach marketing strategy based on our positioning book and then bring us into work on their brand. The laws of positioning and marketing are easy to learn, but applying them to each individual client’s situation takes skill. That is where RIES comes in. Laura Ries has almost three decades of experience and oversees every session.

You work directly with us.

The RIES Difference

The purpose of our strategy session is to identify the marketing issues facing your organization and develop a strategy to deal with them.

Active Learning

The goal isn’t just to give advice, but to have you understand the WHY behind the strategy. During your positioning session/s, we explain the process and principles in depth.

Applying the Positioning Principles

Focusing a brand on a single idea is the key to building a brand. We start by discovering the single idea your brand can own in the mind of your customers and prospects, then we create a marketing strategy designed to drive your brand into the mind using your name, position, visual, hammer, battlecry, PR, etc.

The Results

Our work varies from client to client but at the end of the session, you can expect to be focused & equipped with a marketing strategy designed to drive your brand into the mind.

“If you want to quickly get to the crux of your marketing challenges and expedite a solution, a RIES positioning session will get you there.”

Ron Rubin
Chairman, The Republic of Tea

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