Martha put on the orange jumpsuit

July 14, 2004

I just got done taping an interview with ABC News. For anyone watching it should be airing tomorrow(Thursday, July 15th) on the ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. The story is on Martha Stewart and the future of her brand.

Here is basically what I said:

The best thing for Martha Stewart to do is to stop fighting and begin the rehabilitation process. She has got to move on and focus on her and her brand’s future.

The future of Martha Stewart rests solely in her hands, she is the essence of the brand and the soul of the company. Without a strong Martha Stewart brand there is no future for the company.

Martha was found guilty. She needs to accept that and move on. She should put on the orange jumpsuit, accept her punishment humbly and plot her return. A little time out of the spotlight will be good for her. Because the day she is released from prison she will be the hottest interview in the country. She needs to then do the interviews and promote the future of Martha Stewart leaving the past behind her.

The public is more that willing to forgive people. Everyone makes mistakes. What has been so detrimental to Martha is her inability to admit she is like everyone else.

Many people have come back from mistakes like: Richard Nixon, Donald Trump, Michael Milken, Bill Clinton.

The company cannot give up on Martha. They are stuck with Martha. The television shows, magazine and sheets are nothing without the Martha name. The company will need to weather the storm and hope Martha wises up and focuses on the future instead of harping on the past.

There is a lot to be said for admiting you made a mistake, saying you are sorry and going back to your main business at hand. Any good husband or wife knows that!