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  • The Guru has Passed Away, But His Legacy Lives on

    By Simon Zhang, CEO RIES Global, CEO RIES China. In memory of Mr. Al Ries, the world’s leading positioning strategy guru and founder of...

  • The End of the iPod leaves 5 Brand Lessons Behind

    by Michael Brandtner and Jens Hansen. Five important strategic brand management lessons can be learned by studying Apple’s iPod journey.

  • The Birth of Category and End of Strategy.

    by Simon Zhang. Twelve years ago, Mr. Al Ries and Ms. Laura Ries co-authored “The Origin of Brands.” For the first time, the book...

  • Tesla dominates the battery electric-vehicle market in America

    by Al Ries. Tesla had 67 percent of the EV market and the other nine electric vehicle brands, in total, had only 33 percent.

  • The Wisdom of Al Ries and what Positioning really is all about.

    by Michael Brandtner & Jens Hansen. Positioning is the art of achieving of what is possible in the mind. If you want to establish...

  • A new category demands a new brand name.

    by Laura Ries. Tesla is the only brand that says: I own an electric vehicle. The other ten have gasoline brand names.

  • Marketing and the American election.

    by Al Ries. Why did Donald Trump win in 2016 and lose in 2020? You can answer that question in a single word.

  • Super Bowl 2016

    No matter how much the world of media changes, our yearly love affair with Super Bowl advertising continues. For 354 days of the year,...

  • Slogans vs. Taglines: What’s your brand’s battlecry?

    When Tom Bodett was recording a radio commercial for Motel 6, he found the script was a few seconds short. So to finish the...

  • Striking Out Cancer with a Visual Hammer

    Every cancer center has a mission, vision and core values. If you looked them all up, they are all pretty similar. It is tough...

  • What can a red nose do?

    What can a red nose do? It can build a brand. A red nose is the visual hammer for Red Nose Day, a campaign...

  • HP splits into a circle and a rectangle? Oh my.

    Hewlett-Packard is trying to become more focused by dividing itself in half. But dividing isn’t so easy. It is messy legally, corporately and mentally....

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