Weddings and Funerals

July 20, 2006

This has got to go on record as one of the craziest line extensions ever.

The world’s most famous wedding-dress designer apparently thinks she can follow the bride right from the altar to the matrimonial bed. Vera Wang has teamed with Serta to sell designer mattresses for $3,000 a pop. For less than the cost of one of her dresses, at least you can rest assured you will get more than one use out of the bed.

Whenever you read a press release that says, leading “XXX” maker has now created a “lifestyle” brand and introduced “YYY.” watch out. It means leading XXX maker is diluting its brand and could be headed for trouble. There is no such thing as a “lifestyle” brand it is just a fancy word to try and justify absurd line extensions.

On the other hand, a former client of our has hit PR gold today with a front page story in the New York Times style section. We worked with Mark Duffey to name his brand and focus his company to create a new cateogory to be first in. Everest is the first nationwide funeral concierge service. For $995 or a monthly subscription fee Everest Funeral Package helps customers plan their final rites, providing concierge services that range from writing obituaries to negotiating prices with undertakers across the country.


We are so proud of Mark and all he has accomplished with the Everest brand. Look for him on a Today Show segment soon.