RIES 2.0 is here!

September 21, 2006

This week is the official launch of our new and improved website at www.RIES.com, I like to think of it as Ries 2.0.

I have been diligently working for six months with The Super Group to totally revamp the Ries & Ries online experience. A special thanks goes out to Super Brad, Super Gabe, Super Matt and Super Chris for all their creative ideas and hard work.

As branding experts I figured we should practice what we preach. So this new site is designed with our branding laws in mind. I look forward to hearing your feedback if we have succeeded.

La_times_61973_thumbSo what’s new on the site?

The most impressive feature is the Amazing Online Archive!

Our extensive archive dates back to 1965. With over 200 articles, it is jam packed with full-color scans of articles from all over the world. With more being added regularly from the vault.

Other exciting features include:

All of Al’s AdAge columns

The original Positioning Era booklet text

New photos

Clips of my television appearances

Client testimonials

Recent quotes in the media

In addition the site includes all the basics about Ries & Ries such as:

Our book list with extensive summaries

A consulting session overview

Our client list from A to Z

Info on speeches including video clips

Biographies of Al and Laura

Frequently asked questions

Tomorrow I will begin working on Ries 3.0.