Ries Report demo

December 11, 2006

Many of you have had enough of the Wiggles, I understand. But I have to do one more post on my favorite kiddie band. I was quoted about my taste for the Wiggles in the Taste column of the Wall Street Journal last Friday.

Changing Tunes
Sick of inane children’s music? There are alternatives.
The Wall Street Journal, Friday December 8, 2006

“Can you imagine showing up for a U2 concert and having no Bono on stage? This is exactly how I felt with no Greg,” said Laura Ries, a 35-year-old mother and marketing consultant who took her two sons to a Greg-less Wiggles concert in Atlanta on Nov. 15.

The Wiggles have been around for 15 years; Mrs. Ries has been a parent for four. Like many new mothers, she went into labor with adult tastes in music and emerged with an appetite for Barney. A wailing infant will do that to you. “There are things that you would never think you would do, but if it keeps them quiet, you do it,” Mrs. Ries said.

In addition, Al and I have something special planned for 2007. It will be called the Ries Report. We are in the testing phase and hope to go live in late January. But you can see a sneak preview of my demo that I have posted on You Tube. And you guessed it my first report is on The Wiggles.

Also check out Al’s Ries Report on Acura.