Peeking inside the mind with Brand Tags

June 5, 2012

I don’t write up product reviews very often, but something crossed my desk that really got my attention. First as a consumer then as a marketer.

We have all encountered captcha boxes that are used to prevent fraud, spam and automated messages on websites. For me, I’m usually trying to beat the Ticketmaster clock while trying to get circus tickets for my kids. Tick, tick, tick. If I don’t beat the clock, I will lose my great seats and go to back of the line! Tick, tick, tick. Almost got my tickets, I’ve entered by secret presale promo code, I selected the date, I found the seats, done the payment info, and I’m almost there…tick, tick, tick…then the captcha comes. Bleary eyed, I’m trying to make it out, what is it??? Why are they testing me???

Captcha boxes like this are annoying and customers hate them. But companies need them to stop the bad guys. Or do they? Could a branding and research opportunity replace captcha and still stop fraud?

I was skeptical, until I personally talked and had lunch with Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media who told me all about his new service that protects companies from fraud while providing consumers with a pleasant experience that delivers valuable research to brands.

It’s called Brand Tags. Instead of a captcha puzzle, consumers see a brand logo or visual hammer and are asked to submit words they associate with that brand. WOW! In working with clients, this is one of the most valuable types of research to do. It is like getting a snapshot inside the mind of the consumer. It lets you see what your brand owns in the mind.

Brand tags
For consumers, Brand Tags offers a fun way to keep their transactions safe without the headache doing a captcha. For marketers, Brand Tags offers a fast and reliable peek inside the minds of consumers at the push of a button. If you want to see what word your brand owns in the mind, if you want to see if your visual hammer is striking the right verbal nail, Brand Tags is worth checking out.