New name but no visual hammer – YouSendIt makes a change.

July 17, 2013

The brand with a generic name YouSendIt but a nice visual hammer (paper airplane) is now Hightail.


A better brand name, but it sadly lacks a visual hammer. When picking a new name, what the visual will be is too important to leave to just designers. The line above the H? What is that?? It's nothing. The paper airplane could have been iconic.

Of course, the real problem the company faces is DropBox. A great name with a powerful visual hammer that communicates storage.


YouSendIt wanted to move from sending to storage. But can they? Hightail still says sending, but now lacks the visual identity.

Interestingly enough when I Googled High Tail I found a wine using the same name that has a terrific Visual Hammer that locks-in the idea of getting something fast. If you name is Hightail how to you not show a tail?


Hightail also need a slogan that memorably communicates who they are. "Say Hi to Hightail?" is alliterative, but doesn't communicate anything. Hightail needs to do more that just hi if it wants to drop kick Dropbox.