Marketing to do list for 2014

December 19, 2013

2014 1. Stay focused.

Think about what you can get out of that might be weighing your brand down. Too many companies do the opposite and only thing about what else they can get into. Long term this waters down your brand in the mind of the consumer.


2. Think visually.

Do you have a visual that communicates your positioning to consumers? If not you better find one. Strong brands combine a focus with a visual that communicates their position. Marlboro and the cowboy. Coca-Cola and the contour bottle.


3. Speak like a consumer.

Too many companies have slogans and use language that consumers would never use. Word of mouth and social media are tremendous for building brands but you need to deliver your message in language consumers will pass along for it to work. Why did you buy a Toyota? Toyota’s slogan is “Moving Forward.” Not very likely a consumer post they love their new Toyota because it moves forward. What don’t Toyotas go in reverse? Compare that to BMW’s slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” That is something people will pass along.


4. Don’t change for change sake.

It’s a new year but it isn’t a reason to make a lot of changes in your branding. Once your brand is successful and well-known doing the same thing for years and years is the best strategy. BMW has been using the Ultimate Driving Machine for over 30 years. Only if nothing is working should you consider making drastic changes to your brand.