A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • Coupons, Groupon and Cocaine

    These days marketers are going in exactly the wrong direction. The recession has caused a lots of companies to panic. And when companies panic,...

  • Names don’t matter.

  • Domino’s Should Apologize

    Everybody knows the rule. When you do something wrong, you say you are sorry. As a society we love to scold but we also...

  • Starbucks is Shooting Itself in the Cup

    Starbucks latest offensive isn’t against McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts it is against itself. And if Starbucks weapon is as successful as it says it...

  • The Pitfalls of Misdirected Packaging

    Never overlook the power and importance of packaging. It is the last chance for a consumer to say yes or no to your brand....

  • Keeping your brand on course.

  • Why the shoes don’t fit at Amazon.com

      With its purchase of Zappos for $847 million, Amazon will get free shipping but is it the right acquisition for the e-commerce giant?...

  • The Classic Mistake

    Pizza Hut is now selling chicken wings and pasta as well as pizza. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now selling grilled chicken as well as...

  • Tropicana gets Squeezed

    The recent hubbub over the Tropicana packaging change shines a light on several marketing myths. Take note so you don’t make the same mistakes...

  • Business vs. brand.

  • The pitfalls of megabranding.

  • LinkedIn: Dull by Design

    The way to build a powerful brand is not by emulating the leader and trying to be better. History proves time and again that...

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