A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • Tesla dominates the battery electric-vehicle market in America

    by Al Ries. Tesla had 67 percent of the EV market and the other nine electric vehicle brands, in total, had only 33 percent.

  • Marketing and the American election.

    by Al Ries. Why did Donald Trump win in 2016 and lose in 2020? You can answer that question in a single word.

  • It’s time for CMOs to focus on the major marketing issue of the 21st century.

    by Al Ries. In a world where technologies are rapidly changing, a single-brand company is at a strong disadvantage.

  • Forget Your Ps; Mind the Four Ms of Marketing

    by Al Ries. Instead of the 4Ps, a marketing mix for the 21st century might include the 4Ms: (1) Merchandise, (2) Market, (3) Media,...

  • Six steps in launching a brand via PR

    by Al Ries. In the past, almost every new brand was launched with a big advertising campaign. In today’s media environment, that’s not a...

  • It’s time to go global

    by Al Ries. Today, almost every company we work with wants to dominate the global market, not just the American market.

  • Strategy and tactics: The two drivers of marketing success.

    by Al Ries. The marketing community tends to focus on the tactics, when the real opportunities lie inside the company. The product, its price...

  • There are two types of categories and two types of strategies.

    by Al Ries. All categories are not alike. Unless you know what type of category you are dealing with, you may be making a...

  • A few words about Jack Trout and positioning

    With the passing of my ex-partner and good friend Jack Trout, I feel compelled to write a few words about our nearly 30 years...

  • The medium is the message, but few are listening.

    Marshall McLuhan introduced the phrase The medium is the message, in his 1964 book, “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.” The medium itself, according...

  • Five Revolutionary Changes in Marketing Since the Turn of the Century

    What can we say about marketing that hasn’t been said many times before? Actually, a lot. Two developments have changed marketing forever. One is...

  • When history conflicts with logic, history is the loser.

    Marketing managers who plan logically often make many mistakes. They should study history instead. In logic, “one plus one” equals two. That’s not true...

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