A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • Visual Hammer

  • Hi Lo marketing.

  • Marketing is dead.

  • Freakonomics in marketing.

  • Walmarts needs to stop being so cheap. At least when it comes to advertising.

    In a down economy with consumers pinching every penny, you would think that sales at a retailer synonymous with “cheap” would be up, not...

  • What is marketing anyway?

  • Is brand advertising dead?

  • Social Media is a Tactic not a Strategy

    It’s the headline of our times “Brand X Moves to Social Media.” It’s the hottest trend in marketing with executives from the corner offices...

  • Super Bowl 2011: Game scores big, Advertising mostly fumbles

    The stand out star of last night’s Super Bowl was clearly Aaron Rogers. Most people will be talking about Aaron and the Packers today...

  • Why Google should get out of China

    Sometimes the most illogical business decision is the right decision for the brand. This is certainly the case for Google. Google is pulling its...

  • Experience the Focus Effect

    What works in the beauty business? The same thing that works in all businesses. Own a word in the mind. Typically, a beauty brand...

  • What’s causing Toyota’s troubles?

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