A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • The line-extension time bomb claims another victim, McDonald’s.

    Decades ago, I was kicked out of a Young Presidents’ Organization seminar for claiming that line extensions were destroying the McDonald’s brand. It’s too...

  • What can we do without? The first question to ask in building a brand.

    Some of the most revolutionary ideas have not been created in the laboratories of Fortune 500 companies. Some of the most revolutionary ideas were...

  • Starbucks dumps “Coffee” and I think is likely to get burned

    The Starbucks brand was built on coffee and nobody knows that better than Howard Schultz. Seeing him so blatantly and arrogantly remove it from...

  • McDonald’s Goes Above & Beyond

    McDonald’s moved at lightning speed and initiated a voluntary recall of its popular Shrek glasses that contained trace amounts of a toxic metal. While...

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