A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • Yahoo! From fun to serious and dark.

    Yahoo took a memorable, unique logo and after 30 days and 30 designs ended up with a rather average, boring, uninspired one. Marissa Mayer...

  • How to Win at the Oscars

    If the Super Bowl is about beer, chips and boobs, then this weekend’s Oscars ceremony is all about diet soda, yogurt and hunks.

  • The Fro-Yo Wars Explained

    Frozen yogurt is a popular summertime treat and personal favorite of mine; it is also a category that has experienced tremendous growth with new...

  • Peeking inside the mind with Brand Tags

    Captcha boxes are annoying and customers hate them. But companies need them to stop the bad guys. Or do they? Could a branding and...

  • Audi’s Visual Hammer. An opportunity missed.

    In 1990, Audi hired my Dad to help them revive the brand in the U.S. after the 60 Minute segment that nearly destroyed the...

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