A glimpse into the minds of the Positioning Pioneers

  • America’s Visual Hammer

    Happy Birthday America! We are celebrating the Fourth of July holiday in the United States today! I’m also using today to kick-off my new...

  • Peeking inside the mind with Brand Tags

    Captcha boxes are annoying and customers hate them. But companies need them to stop the bad guys. Or do they? Could a branding and...

  • Visual Hammers speak to consumers

    A company makes a major mistake when it develops a verbal strategy without considering what visual hammer might help hammer that idea into consumers’...

  • Audi’s Visual Hammer. An opportunity missed.

    In 1990, Audi hired my Dad to help them revive the brand in the U.S. after the 60 Minute segment that nearly destroyed the...

  • NEW BOOK: Visual Hammer

    My father’s theory on positioning was revolutionary, but it had a weakness. Invariably, positioning strategy was expressed verbally. You looked for a verbal hole...

  • The Secret of Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs was a rebel who didn’t go about life or work in the normal way. He dropped out of college, was a fruitarian...

  • Starbucks dumps “Coffee” and I think is likely to get burned

    The Starbucks brand was built on coffee and nobody knows that better than Howard Schultz. Seeing him so blatantly and arrogantly remove it from...

  • Non-Profit Rebrand: On the House 2010

    The Challenge: Help the Atlanta Union Mission, a 72-year-old brand founded during the Great Depression update its image, clarify its mission and focus its...

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