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  • They might want quarter-inch holes, but they buy better quarter-inch drills.

    Marketing is frustrating because virtually all common-sense ideas are wrong. Take Theodore Levitt’s famous maxim, People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They...

  • Why don’t you take your own advice?

    In the spring of 1972, Jack Trout and I wrote a series of articles for Advertising Age entitled “The Positioning Era Cometh.” And it...

  • How long should a slogan last?

    Back in 1999, Advertising Age selected the top 100 advertising campaigns of the 20th century. Out of the top 100, how many do you...

  • What we can learn from the RadioShack disaster.

    “Inside Radio Shack’s Collapse” is the headline of a six-page cover story in Bloomberg Businessweek last month. Why RadioShack bite the dust? Let’s take...

  • How would you position Cadillac, the auto-industry’s faded glory?

    “What else can we get into?” That’s the first question new management asks itself when it takes over a company. Johan de Hysschen, Cadillac’s...

  • Coca-Cola introduces Fairlife milk, but have they gotten the category right?

    I was impressed when Coca-Cola announced the introduction of Fairlife, the first brand of “expensive” milk. Or as Sandy Douglas, president of Coca-Cola North...

  • What’s the biggest change in marketing in the past 50 years?

  • What do chief executives have in common with accordion players?

  • In marketing, 1 plus 1 often equals 3/4th.

  • The product versus the brand.

  • Big marketing mistakes are more likely than small ones.

  • What can we do without? The first question to ask in building a brand.

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